Our Philosophy at LifeSpring

Beyond Organic is: 

  1. Bulletusing our own manure from cows, horses, chickens and worms.

  2. Bulletfoliar spraying with sea minerals, kelp, custom blends, compost teas, EM and other effective micro-organisms.

  3. Bulletusing structured water for plants and animals and our own glacial fed spring water originating on our land.

  4. Bulletcolloidal silver and gold only when needed, in the place of antibiotics.

  5. Bulletresearching and using ormus energy.

  6. Bulletfollowing organic, biodynamic, and permaculture practices.

  7. Bulletincorporating the work of Reams including BRIX reading and PH testing.

  8. Bulletusing radionics wherever possible.

  9. Bulletdowsing, research, and using, subtle positive energy devices.

  10. Bulletsonic growing methods tested.