Lifespring Farm - Working from our space to make the world a better place

Welcome to 'LifeSpring'...

We are caregivers of this gorgeous 100 acre Beyond-Organic farm in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region, where we live with many companion animals. 

We grow, raise, and sell our own beef, vegetables, eggs and our Scottish Highland cows, as well as some truly wonderful health products.

One hour from Toronto, our private road opens up to gently rolling fields and forest. There is a lovely island breeze that floats throughout the farm, bringing with it scents of wild herbs and flowers. Ken's music floats through the trees.

There are three plentiful underground spring fed ponds, that carry the best drinking water around. 

The house is bustling and full of great conversations, preferring a family and friends type of feeling with our clients, where we can share ideas.

Anastasia is a Bowen therapist, nutritionist, and coach as well as being a retired photographer, and Ken has a huge extent of knowledge and experience in hundreds of areas that is truly hard to find. Ken is an incredible musician, health consultant, and speaker, who has preformed all over North America. He is also involved in developing a new type of solar technology with scientists from around the world.

Ken has had his 'green thumb' all his long life, having worked and shared alongside many friends and authors of books on every kind of gardening, growing, health prospect, invention, science and research you can imagine, and has so much knowledge to share in these areas, whereas Anastasia has been training, healing, and working with all kinds of animals and people, in many areas, for more than 25 years. 

Part of our days are filled with tending to our vegetable gardens, planting, growing, and harvesting organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, trees, fixing fences, planting or bringing in the hay. Caring for our small flock of chickens, horse chores, training animals, working with the cows, laughing with the dogs. Our beautiful herd of Scottish Highland cows have baby's as cute and sweet as live teddy bears, that will do anything for a cookie or a brush!

LifeSpring, is also home to Anastasia's Bowen studio and is a place where people of all ages, and from around the world, come for consultations, information, and to purchase our beef, produce and Health products.

Some simply visit, while others volunteer and learn about themselves, health, life, spirit and nature. Everyone leaves changed...

Because we do enjoy the time with our visitors, we ask that you please call ahead and make an appointment with us before stopping by.

Being Alternative Health practitioners we ask that you refrain from smoking while visiting the farm.

Watch a Volunteers experience on our farm with wwoof....

Who we are


I am a Certified Bowen Health Therapist, Certified in Applied Nutrition, Energy Psychology, Wellness Consultant and Health Coach who has worked in the Health Industry for the past 30 years across Canada, the U.S. & Europe.

I have worked with some of the best Naturalists in the world including Juliette De Bairacli Levy, as well as the Hippocrates Institute of Greece. With many years of study in Nutrition, I also specialized in the study of chemical additives, bacteria, etc., and how they impact our day to day lives.

Originally from North Vancouver B.C. I have lived and traveled all over the world. I co-owned and operated several health food stores, where we developed a specialized brand of vitamins (and herbs) sold throughout Canada, and I have been the head Nutritional Consultant on ten websites for human and animal nutrition. I have also always had a great interest in, and conducted, several studies on human and animal psychology in relation to health, emotional response, and spiritual need. I edited the well-known Alive Academy Nutrition courses and text books, in addition to running health clinics in Vancouver, Montreal, and Central Ontario, and have taught many workshops and seminars on Nutrition, Health, and Healing.

A Bowen Therapist, Nutritionist, Energy Psychology, Health Researcher, Health Coach, Speaker and published Writer, I practice what I preach. 

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You can read more about Ken here soon. (Basically he’s amazing).